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  Event Planning: Onsite Total Event Management

Our goal is to make the onsite event experience smooth and stress free for you. We do this by proactively confirming all prior arrangements, anticipating potential problems, checking each event in advance, and staying in constant communication with facility and service staffs. Our trained professionals will make your entire event more manageable, more cost effective and more memorable.

Over the years while working on hundreds of conventions, we have developed a format for meeting planning specifications that many hotels and convention centers prefer. These specifications are organized into a standard format that we refer to as the PTP Event Guide. Every detail for your meeting is contained in our proprietary, event software as the meeting planning process progresses, ensuring any changes are compiled and communicated to everyone involved.

Nothing is too large or too small to warrant our attention.

Consulting Services

We provide a wide array of consulting services including, but not limited to, the following services:

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