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People often make assumptions based on limited information. It has been documented that when we observe a single physical characteristic or behavior in someone, we tend to assume that person has a number of other qualities too. Someone might be perceived as Confident from a firm handshake; Trustworthy because they make eye contact. They may be perceived as capable, professional and successful - even - wealthy or intelligent because they are well dressed. We have to Look the part, Dress the part to BE the part.

Appearance strongly influences others perceptions of your authority, financial success, trustworthiness, intelligence, suitability for hiring or promotion. Your Personal presentation (communication skills as well as appearance) influences people's behavior toward you including: complying with your requests, trusting you with information, and giving you access to decision makers.

Our programs are created with you in mind - each is tailored to fit your particular challenge. Inspirational and motivational trainers, our consultants facilitate the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and confidential environment. After working with our consultants individuals project an image that marks them as a leader and a winner.

 We help our clients convey the Image they want the world to see

Impressions may be based on how someone looks, speaks or by their behavior. A person's overall image may consist of a variety of factors including their clothing, grooming, tone of voice, vocabulary, facial expressions, eye contact, gestures and social behavior (also known as etiquette)

We assist by helping people look better with Image Analysis and/or Makeover Consulting. We provide feedback on the overall image they are projecting and help in the development of a new image. Also by, Fashion Styling and/or Wardrobe Consulting where we help determine with our clients what should be discarded and/or purchased, coordinating outfits and closet organizing.

Although first impressions do last, Image goes far beyond physical appearance. Others form impressions based on how a person talks and behaves. Therefore we focus on, Vocal Communications (such as voice, grammar, and vocabulary), Non-Verbal Communication (such as handshakes, posture and eye contact) and Etiquette (your industry business etiquette, social graces, dining etc).

We have a Network of Strategic Partners to refer our clients to, such as hair stylists, makeup artists, dieticians, dentists, personal trainers, plastic surgeons, and voice coaches to mention a few.

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