What makes my executive coaching program

Leadership Strategies for Success

unlike anything else out there is just how FAST it works!

In fact, many clients experience results in the first few meetings we begin working together.

After coaching with people just like you, here are some additional comments from

clients I have worked with:



I had no idea on what to expect from Lori Anne, when I first decided to pursue executive coaching with her. Lori Anne made some suggestions that nudged me out of my comfort zone and made a great impact on my life. I will be recommending Lori Anne as a secret weapon to my corporate executives that need a personal business coach

Matt West, President




Lori Anne’s patience, insight and vast experience helped me, in a very short period, become a better human, people manager and entrepreneur. I knew that to get to where I want I needed to dig deep internally, Lori Anne's coaching method gives me tools and methods from her vast toolbox for me to uncover skills I never knew I had. Put simply, her method of coaching works, and I will continue investing in myself through Lori Anne.

Vince Perrotta, Former Senior Area Manager, Fortune 500 Company



Lori Anne is a supportive, knowledgeable, inspiring, and genuine leadership and personal coach. Lori Anne has the incredible knack of tapping into exactly of what the core matter is to help you unlock your highest and greatest potential. Lori Anne is a true asset to anyone looking to be better, more successful, or just looking to elevate themselves to the next level.

Carissa Kupferman, Facility Manager




Lori Anne was able to help me get motivated to pursue a dream that I had been thinking about for some time. Through a detailed and very personalized program, Lori Anne led me down a path of not only understanding my vision but to understand myself and certain things that were hindering me from seeing success. One of the most positive and inspirational people I have ever met. I was never one to seek a life or business coach, but through Lori Anne's unintimidating approach, it never felt like a coaching session, but each time we met it was a learning experience; Teaching me the tools I needed to succeed and to be direct in my life's work. It was a priceless journey.

Christine Hart, Teacher


Lori Anne at Strategies by Design  is a dynamic public speaker, a ferocious writer and a talented digital graphic designer.  With a background in political administration, architecture/engineering and graphic design, she provides marketing and PR services to public and private clients, ranging from generating new leads for small businesses to referendum outreaches for municipalities.

Using her intrinsic knowledge of media landscape and her vast network of connections that reaches into almost every business sector, Lori Anne devises branding strategies and marketing campaigns with a large dose of creativity and a twist of wit and humor. Her proactive and driven personality, combined with a detail-oriented approach, enables her to successfully build awareness, leverage influencers, and forge relationships.

Most importantly, Lori Anne is a passionate, reliable and hands-on individual who loves to help people and zealously represents her clients. As a sole-proprietor of a small architectural and interior design firm, I highly recommend Lori Anne to help any business Pursue The Prospects (pun intended).

Pansy Cheng, RA, CID, LEED AP, Architect



While I had been a sole practitioner as a Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice for many years, my client referrals were from private and professional sources as well as Insurance companies.   I was not connected to the internet in any way, and could not be found through any sort of a search process.

Lori Anne gave me an excellent and comprehensive understanding of how the process of having a website could work and of course have people find me in a matter of seconds through an internet search.  She spent a generous amount of time with me so that she, herself, could better understand my profession as well as know me as an individual in order to translate how to represent me through a website.

There were many facets to how I wanted to be known and seen by the public – most specifically potential clients.  After just one meeting with Lori Anne, she was able to draw enough information from me to actually create a professional “picture” of me.  She and I spent some time on the phone the following week while she was creating “Me”. She was careful in her wording so it would be correct and accurate and pertinent to the profession.  

Lori Anne is always a phone call away as we able to make changes to my website as I need or want.  Her support to me as a client is truly valued.

Lori Anne and I were in contact during the building of the website and she became a creative artist to paint what is now a true representation of who I am and what I do as I became known in the internet world!

Ruth Ellerd, A Lcsw R, Clinical Social Worker

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